GATOR Roof Cutter

GATOR roof cutter has a single blade with cutting depths adjustable to 3-3/4 inch by hand crank positioned between handle bars. Has an 11 H.P. Honda engine. Cutting shaft is powered by a 3-in-1 long life V belt, right hand cut, easy belt and blade change covers, panel mount throttle cable, and a center mount hoisting ring. We make our motor base from 3/16 steel and use 10 gage for our fully welded blade cover. This roof cutter is built by mechanics that have been working on roofing equipment for 25 years.



  • Comes standard with 12″ carbide-tip blade, accepts 14″
  • 11 HP or 13 HP OHV Honda Engine
  • Triple-wide three groove belt for smooth running 1-1/4″ cutting shaft
  • Pulleys are secured with a two-piece taper-lock bushing, will not move under the heaviest loads.
  • Finger-tip control for adjusting cutting depth
  • Heavy-duty all steel design
  • Floating blade cover & single lifting eye
  • Weight – 250 LBS.


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