GATOR HoldUm Fall Protection

Allows for 4 Workers to be Tied Off at the Same Time
2 Under Fall Restraint, 2 Under Fall Arrest
(Each person having a combined Person and Tool Weight of Less Than 310 lbs.)

  • Meets OSHA compliance 1926.502 (d)
  • No small parts or weights, welded construction
  • Weight of Trailer: 1450 lbs.The following applications are approved for use with the Texas Hold’um Trailer: Metal Deck (when the flutes are perpendicular to the leading edge)
    Metal Deck w/Insulation attached
    Metal Deck w/Insulation and Dens-Deck attached
    Metal Deck w/Insulation and built-up gravel system
    Metal Deck w/Insulation and TPO system
    Metal Deck w/Insulation and Modified System
    Metal Deck w/Insulation, EPDM and ballast rock
    Concrete Deck
    Wood Deck


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  • OSHA Compliant
  • No Assembly Required
  • No Counterweights
  • No Loose Parts
  • Easy to move around on roofing jobs
  • Useful On Every Job Site
  • No need for Positive-locking wheel locks
  • Positive-locking front axle
  • No Ratchet engagement arm self contained – Nothing to engage or disengage during a fall or rescue!
  • Streamlined solid built mobile fall protection
  • Convenient tool box
  • Standard Flat-Free Tires
  • Your YO-YO’S stay on top to keep clean



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