V UniRoof AT 40mm Welder

The Uniroof AT Automatic Welder is your flexible partner for welding of roof sheeting made from PVC-P, PE, ECB, EPDM, CSPE and TPO-roofing membranes on flat or pitched roofs (up to 30%). Thanks to its ultra slim design and moveable transport axle, users now can effortlessly weld close to the edge (to 4″) and at, or on, the parapet, without having to modify their machine. Additionally, this design permits the user to easily navigate narrow spaces and weld beneath and around obstacles.

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*Width of welding seam 1-5/8″
*Welding speed from 3.3′ to 33′ per minute.
* For all thermoplastic roofing membranes
* Network of trained service specialists.
*Maintenance free blower, no brushes to replace
*User friendly display.
*Voltage V ~ 240 Power consumption W 3450 Frequency Hz 50/60
*Temperature 210 degrees to 1150 degrees
*Air flow range 45-100 adjustable
*Pressure stat. Pa 5000 (50 mbar)
*Emission level LpA (dB) 67
*Size 19″ long, 10″ wide, 10″ tall
*Weight 39 lb with 5 m cord
*Test signs: CCA certificated
This unit ships in a Leister Plastic Carrying Case.


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